Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hershey's Candy Bars

Have an extra 6 points and looking for a treat?
The following Hershey product can all be enjoyed for 6 Weight Watcher points.
  • Milk Chocolate bar, 43g 
  • Milk Chocolate w/Almonds, 41g
  • Special Dark Mildly Sweet, 41g
  • Cookies N Creme Bar 43g
  • Drops Candy, 15 pieces (41g)
  • Cookies N Creme Drops, 14 pieces (41g)
  • Air Delight Bar, 40g
  • Miniatures, 5 pieces
  • Special Dark Miniatures, 5 pieces
  • Cookies N Creme Miniatures, 5 pieces
  • Nuggets with or without almonds, 4 pieces
  • Special Dark Nuggets, all varieties, 4 pieces
If you're a Mr. Goodbar fan, a 49g bar equals 7 points.  

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